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For the remaining business period left in the year 2017, i.e. November and December, I am working with business leaders in Lagos and environs to prepare for year 2018. This is a strategy session with each day dedicated to one client in his/her office or preferred location and with his/her key member(s) or partner(s) where applicable.

The session would start with a thorough understanding and assessment of client’s business core, the operations surrounding it and their connectivity to each other if such exist.

I would assess bottom line progressions and behavioral patterns of your business life span. We would reflect on year 2017 business activities, the internal and external happenings and their effects on your business. I would check the level of adoption of industrial best practice in your business support functions to ascertain if it matches the capacity and potentials of your business.

Depending on your case, I would be asking critical questions which would trigger spotlights that would help you gain clarity, short-term and long-term priorities.

Finally, I would listen to your aspirations for next year and we would take quality time brainstorming and mapping out strategies to accomplish them. The final task would be linking these strategies with effective operational process and people process to ensure successful execution.
In the advent that these sessions lead to a desire for a long term partnership with House of Shield especially when it comes to executing these strategies next year, we are very more than ready.

FEES: The fee for this strategy session is N100,000 but I’m giving 35% discount so you get to pay N65,000. This discount would be removed whenever I deem necessary.

To book for this one on one strategy session and/or with your team members, please choose your preferred day and make your payments via  the form below and we would be in touch.

For further inquiries, please send a mail to


Olufemi Shield
Head, House of Shield



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