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The Commission

House of Shield is commissioned to preserve lives in the Marketplace

We are poised to build a socioeconomic system that:

  1. Redeem with a sense of urgency, individuals and groups from abuse, decadence, disaster and poverty.
  2. Disciple individuals and groups professionally with a double edge competence in character and skills that enables effectiveness in their obligation to God, Self, Family, Work and Society.
  3. Engage individuals and groups with their gifts and professional calling in contributing their quota to the advancement and eternal well-being of humanity and the universe

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Operational-wise, House of Shield is a Professional Service Company.

Organizational-wise, House of Shield is a Missions Organization.

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Our mission to preserve lives in the marketplace is pursued in a progressive cycle of three goals which we call the Service Cycle:

1. Secure Lives
2. Develop Lives
3. Engage Lives

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Leading the Board of House of Shield is Olufemi Shield, fondly known as the Apostle in the Marketplace. A dynamic and inspirational leader with professional expertise in Strategy and Leadership Development

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House of Shield Exists on 7 Core-Values that guides all that we do. They are:

1. Compassion
2. Mission
3. Unity
4. Excellence
5. Capacity-Building
6. Family
7. Integrity

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