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Olufemi Shield is a trained coach, strategist and a marketplace expert.  He is machinery to executing projects for organizations and helping individuals actualize purpose with remarkable results in all yardsticks of measuring success. He has been hired among several others by Oil, Service, Hospitality, Sport and even Non-profit Organizations to launch new arms of their missions or products.

He holds a first degree in Computer Science from Covenant University, Ota Nigeria as a pioneering graduate and holds a masters degree in Organizational Leadership and Management from ECWA Theological Seminary, Ugbaja Nigeria in partnership with Development Association International (DAI), Colorado Spings, USA.

He is also the author of the popular contemporary daily devotional – “Evotional” feeding thousand of professionals around the globe through email and RSS. With his depth in spiritual, social and economic issues, he has provided successful leadership development, guardian and empowerment to hundreds of disciples in the market place and the number still growing.

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House of Shield Exists on 9 Core-Values that guides all that we do. They are:

1. Compassion
2. Mission
4. Unity
4. Excellence
5. Capacity-Building
6. Family
7. Integrity

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House of Shield is commissioned to preserve lives in the Marketplace

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Operational-wise, House of Shield is a Professional Service Company.

Organizational-wise, House of Shield is a Missions Organization.

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Our mission to preserve lives in the marketplace is pursued in a progressive cycle of three goals which we call the Service Cycle:

1. Secure Lives
2. Develop Lives
3. Engage Lives

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