About House of Shield's values

Our values in House of Shield are as follows:

  1. Compassion: We will never withdraw from enduring and selfless love for humanity. We will always be serviceable, exhibiting the fruits of the Spirit, giving preference to all people before ourselves. Valuing lives beyond race, culture, believes, religion or any other difference.
  2. Mission: We view life, vocation, religion and everything in life as one and a mission. We believe there is no distinction between our career, vocation, business, social life, profession, family and our calling. Every one of us is a soldier on a mission. A mission to preserve lives and make life meaningful for others in our own unique ways. This we devote our very lives to.
  3. Unity: We never take side to any school of thought or philosophies of men neither join in accusing or judging anyone. Instead, we maximize our differences which is traceable to the multifaceted nature of God in demonstration of the power of His Spirit which goes beyond human thinking, logic, facts or comprehension.
  4. Excellence: Excellence qualifies our divine nature through intense discipline. In all forms that we exist we must be the best. If who we are and what we do is not the best then we won’t stop until we become the best in character, intelligence and in works.
  5. Capacity Building: We have unrelenting drive towards Life Long Learning, Research, Innovation, Creativity and development. We will spend our lives and resources learning and moving with God to set the pace for world trends in order to remain dependable by the world in providing solutions to the evolving challenges of humanity. As the salt and the light of the world called to preserve lives, it is our responsibility to provide cutting edge solution to hopeless issues in this age of uncertainty.
  6. Family: Ambition will never be allowed to take priority over the spiritual life and family obligations of all members. We strictly adhere to the marriage principles in God’s word. Some of which are; husbands being the ruler of his household with a sole responsibility to love, provide for and lead his family to fear and worship God, wives submitting to their husbands and a life time selfless commitment to each other working out affection and fulfillment for each other against all odds.
  7. Integrity:We stand for honesty, truthfulness, uprightness, righteousness, justice and the highest moral standards according to the bible. We will never compromise them no matter the cost.

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House of Shield is commissioned to preserve lives in the Marketplace

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Operational-wise, House of Shield is a Professional Service Company.

Organizational-wise, House of Shield is a Missions Organization.

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Our mission to preserve lives in the marketplace is pursued in a progressive cycle of three goals which we call the Service Cycle:

1. Secure Lives
2. Develop Lives
3. Engage Lives

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Leading the Board of House of Shield is Olufemi Shield, fondly known as the Apostle in the Marketplace. A dynamic and inspirational leader with professional expertise in Strategy and Leadership Development

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