Afriguest CEO Search

We have been on travail and now one of the long awaited conception of House of Shield is about to be brought forth. Do you have what it takes to be her CEO, by all means do apply. This is Afriguest CEO Search

Company Background:

Afriguest is a Lagos based Hospitality and Real Estate Tech Startup that aims to provide temporary spaces to guest across Africa. A slightly related business model is Airbnb but in Afriguest’s case, it deals in all kinds of spaces available for short term use eg.  lodging apartments, event facilities, shared working space and recreational centers.

We are currently in search of a young, energetic, and resourceful man or lady to run Afriguest as her CEO; someone whose vision and development pattern has been channeled towards the hospitality and real estate industry.


As a candidate for the Afriquest CEO role,

  1. You must be able to show that you have the capacity to drive Afriguest into stability. You would be required to prove this to us in your own unique way
  2. You must have outstanding selling and relationship skills with good networks to show for it.
  3. Possess exceptional leadership and organizational management skills
  4. You must understand tech startup business and their industrial best practices in administration, financial management, marketing, research and development, and product conceptualization.

How to apply:

Interested Candidates should send their CVs and present a convincing evidence of their candidacy through a cover letter to In your email, use the subject heading: Afriguest CEO Search

Deadline: April 6, 2018

NB: Only shortlisted candidates would be contacted.



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