As a missioner in House of Shield, you would have the opportunity to create your mission career based on your personal vision, skills, experience and passion.


Among several others you may feel called and qualified to practice missions in the area of health, education, natural disaster, food and agriculture, social justice, trafficking, global warming, war and conflict resolution, shelter, and the list goes on.


The scope of our missionary activities involves:


  1. Researching and and creating solutions in the field of your mission. Finding new ways to solve the problems that exist in your field of mission across the globe. Tailoring your solutions to suit each context at various geographical and cultural scenario. Liaising with expert in your field around the globe and partnering with them to advocate for the supports that are required to help them proffer solutions that meet the needs of the sufferers of your field around the globe.
  2. Constantly seeking out and locating victims and sufferers of such missionary challenge from time to time and embarking on investigation in their locality in a bid to create the  most effective aid approach.
  3. Draft detailed reports in form of articles and documentaries for potential sponsors and the public on the cause, challenges and nature of the aid required by the individuals and groups in the affected community for the purpose of raising awareness for sponsorship through social media, print media and broadcast media (T.V and Radio).
  4. Co-collect, manage, monitor, administer and distribute relief materials, service, aids or funds as the case may be from sponsoring partners to proposed beneficiaries of such aids and produce progress reports showcasing the administering and distribution of the said aid and their impact on the beneficiaries.


Along with the core delivery of your responsibility, you would be practically engaged with writing, creating contents and publishing article and documentaries of every activity you embark on in order to create awareness, educate the world and command the desired engagement.


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