Season 1 nullified

House of Shield Reality to be relaunched; first season nullified, a press release by Olufemi Shield

The Saviors Reality Program was launched July this year purely by a leap of faith. If it would work according to schedule, it would take a miracle. It was a new initiative and at the time of the launch, there were neither media nor financial partners on board. All there was, was a good initiative, a well mapped out strategy and my good drive.

Notwithstanding, there was no debate as to whether to start or not to start, starting is the only way forward. If it worked; it would be good for the participants and the people of our continent and if it failed, it still would be a stepping stone onto its actualization. I am accustomed to how God rewards bold steps of faith and this wasn’t going to be different. Besides, there was absolutely no reason to hesitate, there was zero financial consequence at the time.

Launching out with or without funding (though not without due diligence) has paid off. I have clearer blueprints for the show, I have gotten the attention of institutional media and financial partners and “I” would soon become “we”. However, I regret to announce that the first season has been nullified. We are simply behind schedule as a result of lack of funding and given that this is a reality show, it needs to be in the present. Moreover, new blueprints means new terms for participants.

Some of my pioneers didn’t take the news that their season has been nullified so easily; we had formed a bond so deep with the kind of orientation I took them through. The level of optimism was high. It was particularly devastating for some who had invested so much emotionally. If you are reading this, you know yourselves; your place in House of Shield is still open for negotiation. You would always be referenced as the true pioneers of this great project. I’m already delighted at the work some of you are doing and I look forward to partnering with you.

To the great people of Africa, Saviors Reality Show is coming to your screen soon, watch out for it. If I may give a hint, I no longer would be the main figure of the show, an industrial Icon will. I would remain entrenched in serving the larger business world and working with business leaders to achieve their corporate goals through our numerous professional services.

This press briefing isn’t complete until I appreciate Jessica Umaru and Tunde Olagunju. Prior to the reality project, I had assembled a few consultants to work with me to establish House of Shield for business. These ones stood with me even when money was no longer the driving force. Jessica even took a risk on her Job; you don’t get people to believe in you this way all the time. Thank you Jessica, it means a lot and your place here in House of Shield is written in gold.

Finally, to God and my damsel, owners of my heart, you both keep me going. To my bosom friends who never tell me no, and to the four donors to this project whose name I would withhold; you make it all worthwhile, we have better days ahead. Thank you



Olufemi Shield

Founder, House of Shield



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