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One of the gaps House of Shield is bridging with the business support professional membership is the issue of lack of commitment to Clients interest. The business support profession are basic function or department every business must have in order to run efficiently and sustainability into the future. These function we have grouped into 6 in the Shield Business Support Membership, namely:
1. Accounting and Finance
2. Business Technology
3. Branding and Marketing
4. Customer Relations
5. Executive Admin (Legal)
6. Research and Strategy

The business landscape in the 21st century is one that has rendered these business support professions very volatile. Due to rapid technological advancement and business innovations, these professions are continuously changing in how they carry out their task. A professional who is not evolving with the system would soon loose relevance. Unfortunately, one cannot evolve in isolation. That is why it has become imminent to move with the same group in the same industry; constantly learning, adapting to trends and changes, gaining broad exposure from the experience of others in different industries and placement. This is one of the benefits of the Shield’s business support membership

Consequential to the continuous evolving trend in these business support professions, businesses are beginning to favor outsourcing their task over hiring a full time professional. They believe in outsourcing to a specialized firm, they are assured of up-to-date delivery of needed expertise. But as advantageous as this is to businesses, it leaves professionals vulnerable and lacking a steady means of earning especially for those into freelancing.

In addition to the challenge of unsteady flow of income for these practitioners, there is also poor payment offering by clients who can’t really be blamed. First the market is saturated with pools of individuals pressing for engagements. Secondly, many of the businesses in this part of the world (Africa) don’t know the value of these business support services until properly oriented. And thirdly as shown in our previous article, most of the businesses driving our economy in Nigeria and Africa are Small and Medium scale who often require just a fraction of these professionals engagement per time due to their own rate of earning as well.

Due to this unsteady flow of income and the market saturation, what businesses are now experiencing is the lack of commitment on the part of business support professionals. Our findings shows that, the motivation to work is dwindling because of low pay and professionals are often distracted to other alternative means of generating revenue to meetup with their daily needs. This reduces the focus, quality, up-to-date expertise and increases the lack of commitment to meet clients or employers expectations.

The Shield Business Support Membership has been set up to proffer a solution to this crises.



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