¨‘Tunde Olagunju is  Group HR Executive for the Cardinalstone Group with over 7 portfolio companies under his watch providing holistic HR services across different HR cores such as Recruitment, Compensation and Benefit, Learning and Development etc .

¨He started his career with Etisalat Nigeria before going fully into HR consulting with SIAO Partners. He has a wealth of experience spanning over 5 years industry-wide.

¨‘Tunde is a Learning and Development expert with strong background in Training Facilitation, Training Needs Assessment and Analysis and Training Plan Design. He is an eloquent speaker par excellence with a unique and charismatic style of public speaking that leaves his audience glued to their seats

¨Part of his accomplishment is contributing to training curriculum for Federal Ministry of Finance’s Graduate Internship Scheme training program across the federation while he also serve as the Lead Facilitator for Ebonyi state.

¨Mr. ‘Tunde Olagunju holds a Bachelors degree in Botany from the premier University of Ibadan. He is also an active member of the following professional organizations; Chartered Institute of Personnel Management and Nigeria Institute of Management. He is a member of the Technical Board for House of Shield.