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What led to the creation of House of Shield Enterprise Support Systems?

Way back in 2008, I had dreamt of establishing a facility management (FM) company that would set the pace for every other practitioner in the industry. I wanted to create a solid system backed by technology to provide a more secure, efficient and ease driven facility management service to facility stakeholders in the emerging markets.

Because of the problem solving orientation and the organizational standard that served as the motivation for establishing this enterprise, I wanted to make sure that I put in place the innovative processes, enterprise support systems and regulatory schemes that would form the foundation for a big and lasting enterprise.

I didn’t have the capital to employ all the experts I needed, and even the advice that I needed for quality decision making was going to be charged at a ridiculous amount that I didn’t have. So I decided to embark on a journey of learning it all and doing it all myself. At least, till I am able to employ powerful professionals like the big companies would do. Talk about Web and Application Development, Network and Security Deployment, Legal procedures, International Trade and Partnership Dynamics, Finance and Accounting Systems, Human Capital Management, Research and Strategy. And oh… how can I forget sales and marketing? All of these, and a few more are what we have come to term Enterprise Support System or bundle in House of Shield. You can see here for details.

I took on the challenge of learning and executing all these myself while trying to bring alive the FM business simultaneously.

The harsh reality was that I found myself getting more involved with these enterprise support systems than I was in pursuing the FM business itself. Each one of these support systems are what experts will dedicate their entire life to in order to maintain relevance, knowing full well that trends and what works best in the industry keeps changing. And here was I carrying the weight of all of these support system on myself with the core business still there to pursue. It was simply a mission impossible.

The funny thing is, there is no end to it. You won’t get to the point where you can say you have put the support systems in place and therefore focus on the core business. Most support systems are routine based. For instance, would you stop keeping your finance & account obligations even though you have setup an automated financial process payment, or would you stop maintaining your online presence after you have launched out? Moreover, things would continue to change in each of these business support fields and you must learn to adapt these changes into your business if you must remain relevant. These apart, there is the psychology in each of these support field required to successfully deployed them to deliver for your business. Each of these supports takes a person’s time fully. You’ll have to find a way to get people to do them or throw over board the idea of building a real corporate enterprise and just do business as a petty artisan… no future, no serious deal, no continuity and no sustained brand recognition

I could have ignored all these mesmerizing jargons and simply do business as it came, get small business deals that I could get here and there and deliver without any support systems in place. But that won’t bring the fulfillment and prospective security that I yearned for. I wanted to build a high tower business, not a kiosk business. I didn’t want to build on a sandy soil such that when storms arise, the business is swept off. I wanted to build on a solid rock and build a foundation with depth that would pave the way to explore greater opportunities.   I wanted to build a big organization that would stand apart from me and something others can feel they are part of.  I wanted to build a legacy organization that is determining the direction the nation and the world at large is headed. I wanted to build for others.

I have been on this journey of learning and implementing support systems for ten years and because it had no end like I said earlier since you have to maintain routines and keep up with the trend or better still pioneer the trend, I paid a great price. My facility management company had to be on hold because I barely had the time to pursue it. I was fully occupied with mastering and perfecting my abilities in providing the support systems that the facility management business needed. But the positive side to this sacrifice was that this experience birthed a new dream.

I began to consider how many other people were in my frustrating condition, who wanted to build great enterprise rather than doing business to make a living and pay bills. I began to think about those who wanted to affect their world on a mega level, those who wanted to build the next big thing determining the direction the nations would go socially and economically.

I decided I could create a holistic professional support organization to house the best professionals dedicated to different support systems required for the development of business enterprises, have them partner with entrepreneurs in my kind of situation and give them an affordable payment or partnership plan that makes it possible for them to zero in on their core business while riding on the most sophisticated support systems they could ever need to fulfill their audacious business ambition. This is one of the experiences that have birthed the House of Shield Enterprise Support Bundle. You can learn more about it here



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