Africa has dumbfounding potentials for renaissance if only her people are empowered. But our deep rooted self centered nature has kept us perpetually handicapped and at the mercy of the western world. And because a government is simply a product of its people, we see the height of this self-centeredness in governance as people venture into politics to hijack national resource for self and loved ones leaving the masses abandoned and uncatered for.

Of all the working class citizens cumulatively across African countries, only 10% have steady flow of income. Of this percentage, 2% are those from wealthy backgrounds or those who possess global level competency able to attract high profile jobs or business opportunities. The remaining 8% are only fairly equipped and at the mercy of the 2%. Unfortunately, if there are those among this 10% who are genuinely interested in the welfare of the remaining 90%, their numbers or efforts are absolutely insignificant as there are no evidence of such intervention when you walk the streets of Africa.

The Saviors Program A.K.A (House of Shield Reality) is an intervention by House of Shield to pick out of the abandoned 90%, enhance their professional and spiritual depth, and then launch them out into their communities with a lifelong quest to solve real problems and bring relief and development to the rest of their people using their diverse gifting and callings. This intervention is in the light of what we stand for as a missionary organization, existing to compliment the government in preserving the life and destiny of her citizens.

We would be training a minimum of 50 young men and women in batches for the duration of 6 months making up a reality season. Each season has the following package for participants.

  1. Global Competency Course:we would enhance participants’ professional capacity level in 13 global competency courses namely:
  2. Spirituality
  3. Global Citizenship
  4. Computer and Digital Literacy
  5. Self Mastery
  6. Financial Intelligence
  7. Purpose and Missions
  8. Relationship
  9. Ethics
  10. Strategic Thinking
  11. Communication and Social Skills
  12. Politics
  13. Strategic Thinking
  14. Towards Higher Degrees
  15. Industrial Expertise (Skill Acquisition): Three weeks into the competency enhancement, participant would have been helped to naturally figure out their purpose in life and would be helped to secure a placement in an organization in line with their purpose to gain field expertise for the remaining 5 month
  16. Professional Support:  Thirdly, we would be making available our professional support services to each of the participants and as applicable to their professional path either as career persons, entrepreneurs or social service agents. Our professional Support Services are elaborated under the ABOUT US section.
  17. Livelihood Support: As much as we can, we would lift off our participants the burden of feeding and basic needs for the 6 month they would be enrolled in this program so that they can give total concentration to this rare transforming opportunity of a life time.

Being a reality program, participants would be intensely involved in carrying their audience along by blogging their progress and experience on our site. This is in addition to the regular video excerpts and episodes that would be broadcasted daily. This reality series concept is adapted to:

  1. Cause a continuous viral effect on the mind of viewers as they follow the series and talk about it on different media platforms.
  2. Make missionary lifestyle an attractive and glamorous lifestyle to commit to.
  3. Create a platform for the participants to be known thereby increasing their opportunities, patronage and chances of success in the path they have discovered as a calling.

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