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What is your planning pattern? Or more generally, what are your business, career or professional patterns.

Knowing fully well that the outcomes of our lives and pursuits are a direct result of our patterns of choices, do we really take time to study our patterns? We can predict tomorrow by looking at what we did yesterday to have arrived at today.

If we are satisfied with today’s result, then we can embrace what we did yesterday as a matter of pattern and improve on it. That way, we have the assurance of at least the same result or a better one if we improve on the substance in those patterns.

Consequently, if today’s result isn’t what we want tomorrow, it is expedient to look at yesterday to determine how and why we got here today and then  do things differently.

One of the most important pattern in our work-life that affects everything else is our planning pattern. Many people don’t plan, what most people do is dream and dreaming isn’t planning. Also many among the few who actually plan, plan too late. And when we are a day or even a minute late with our plans, it can cost us irrecoverable time and damage.

Bringing this close to home, the year is ending, what has been the outcome so far and what priorities has these outcome forced on you at this time of the year. November and December are usually very busy months because many individuals and bodies would be launching a final reinforcement towards reaching their targets before the year ends.

It is a worthy cause if this last minute reinforcement is part of the plan from the onset and not one that is adopted out of pressure from not yet reaching our goals for the year.

When the latter is the case, in which a person’s last moment reinforcement is a resultant effect of falling behind his target, he stand the risk of also falling out of the control of his time. And because his time is now controlled by a compulsory need to meet his target for the year, he hardly plans for the coming year. This becomes a planning pattern that repeats itself year in year out except intentional measures are taking to avert such patterns.

A lot of professionals and businesses find themselves under pressure towards the end of the year trying hard to reach their goals and targets. If watched closely, there is the likelihood that the previous year was that way. And if nothing is done, this pattern would be their experience in the coming year. Businesses who fail to plan would have no choice than to watch competitors who plan well and at the right time dictate the market and doing so very calmly.

Businesses who fail to plan at the right time awards their competitors the coordination and grace needed to control the market while they remain victims of market trends and standards brought about by their competitors. Planning and the discipline of execution is what differentiates the market winners from the losers. Change requires enforcement and sometimes giving up our guards to embrace a winning approach for a better tomorrow is key in the school of planning. Market leaders know this for a fact.


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